Story Behind Logo

The Mar Thoma has five symbols enclosed and held together in a heart-shaped shield. Every symbol inside the emblem has a meaning and a purpose, read on:


“Lighted to Lighten” The role of the church is to spread the good news of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Every believer and member of the Mar Thoma Church, where ever they are, is filled with the light of Christianity, so that they may lighten others.


A proclamation that God himself came in the form of a human (purusha) being and atoned for all mankind on the cross with three nails. Christ is the center of our Church. His redemption is freely available by faith in Him.


The chakra represents the wheel or cycles of life, denotes man’s attempt to find Nirvana (life). The ‘Wheel of Life’ is placed at the Heart of the cross to declare the fact that the life find its salvation in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The members of the Church are obligated both spiritually and culturally to carry to carry the cross to the Indian Nation. The wheel of life is complete and closed for all those who follow the teachings of Christ.


Each member of the Mar Thoma Church is a lighted lamp required to shine the light of salvation to others in their daily life. Every Marthomite is a Missionary, was the cry of Late Abraham Mar Thoma.


Lotus is very attractive sacred flower that grows in the swamps and dirty backwaters of India, symbolizes the fact that we live in a dirty sinful world. But, as the lotus flower stands above all in the dirty water, our life should radiate God’s glory and rise above the surroundings, filling it with grace as lotus does with fragrance. A reminder that all of us are sacred and to be holy in our daily life.


The shield of Mar Thoma logo binds together all the character and elements that make up the emblem. It also shows God’s love and protection to his beloved people.

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