INTEGRATED VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (IVDP) is the sub-committee for the mission and evangelism functioning under the direction of the Executive Committee of the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Bombay. IVDP is the mission extension work since 1977. IVDP is implemented and accomplished in Jawhar Nagar Village, Jawhar Taluka of Palghar district in Maharashtra. Mission and evangelism are progressing in the villages of Jawhar Taluka under the dynamic leadership of our Vicar Rev. Nitin John Chacko &Evg. Kishor and family. Parish remains thankful to Rev. Nitin John Chacko &Evg. Kishor and family for their outstanding dedication & commitment in the mission work established in the villages and thereby the formations of a Marathi Mar Thoma Community was made a reality & are to be lauded.


2017 was a year of huge change.


Every second Sunday, Holy Communion in Marathi is celebrated at the Jawhar Nagar Mar Thoma Chapel. On other Sunday’s ordinary worship in Marathi is being conducted by Evg. Kishor& family. Sunday School is held on all Sunday’s & around 100 to 150 believer’s participate in every Sunday Worship.


Worship was held on 14th April, 2017 at Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir. Almost 70 people participated & delivered by the Word of God. Evg. KishorWankhade, NeenaKishorWankhade, Vaishali Pawar, Mr. Krishna Tumbler &SuvaranaSavra delivered the Word of God.

HOLY QURBANA (15thApril, 2017)

Rev. K. C. Chacko was the celebrant & around 80 people participated in it. 35 believers participated in the Holy Qurbana. Evg. Kishor Wankhade presented the annual account of the Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation for the financial year 2016-2017. Unanimously it was accepted & passed. Midnight Prayer was also held at Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir. 20 believers attended the same.

EASTER WORSHIP (16thApril, 2017)

Easter Worship was held at Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir. Around 120 believers attended our Easter Worship. Evg. KishorWankhade delivered the word of God.

ON 1stMay, 2017

Diocesan Bishop appointed our Asst. Vicar Rev. Nitin John Chacko as a Vicar in Jawhar Mission Field. He is very dedicated &talented steersman able to guide the Church boat correctly to their destination. He always encourages spiritual growth among his members. He gives guidance & leadership to all our church activities and plays an integral role in the activities of our church.

BHAJAN (3rdJune, 2017)

Bhajan was held at one of their villages called Dascod. Mr. Sanjay Pawar is a very talented person.


Inauguration Service of the newly renovated church was held & 200 people participated in this Service. Rev. A.T. Zachariah delivered the message & Rev. K.C. Chacko celebrated the Holy Communion for the believers. Vicar of Jawhar Mission Field Rev. Nitin John Chacko, IVDP committee members and few Parish members were also attended the inauguration Ceremony.

MISSION SUNDAY (6thAugust, 2017)

Mission Sunday was held at St. Thomas Marthoma Church. They had booked a bus & almost 80 people attended the service. They sang two songs; shared two testimonies & Evg. Kishor preached the Word of God. It was really a blessed time for all of us.

HOLY QURBANA (10thSeptember, 2017)

Rev. Nitin John Chacko celebrated the Holy Qurbana in Marathi. He also preached the Word of God in Hindi and translated in Marathi to the congregation. We are thankful to Youth Fellowship for sponsoring a day expenses & their visit to Jawhar Mission Field

VBS AT JUNIJAWHAR (23 – 25thOctober, 2017)

VBS was conducted at Junijawhar for the children during Diwali vacation along with nearby villages. During these 3 days almost 60 children participated & were taught biblical stories, games & bible verses. Children loved to hear the stories & play games. Pratibha Bhagre, Neena Wankhade, Mukta Wagh& Christina helped us in this work.

VBS AT GARADVADI (27th – 28th October, 2017)

Garadvadi is one of the mission fields of our Marthoma church. Many believers do come for the prayer. We started VBS with 55 children & could teach the Bible stories, songs, action songs and games followed by snack distribution. Students enjoyed it and were very happy.

HOLY QURBANA HELD ON 12thNovember, 2017

At Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir. Vicar Rev. Nitin John Chacko celebrate the Holy Communion in Marathi and around 120 people attended. Around 50 believers received the Holy Qurbana. We are very thankful to our SevikaSangam for sponsoring a day expenses.

GENERAL BODY MEETING(12thNovember, 2017)

Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir

Being an independent congregation, it is necessary to have its own Executive committee. The Vicar President Rev. Nitin John Chacko conducted the General Body meeting for the financial year 2017-18 on 12th November, 2017 after the Holy Communion service.

Congregation elected the office bearers and together we prayed for them. Nitin Achen exhorted and explained them their great responsibilities that have been entrusted and exhorted on them to give the best in our Life to God and to be faithful in all aspects. General Body meeting was concluded with a word of prayer and benediction by Nitin achen.

Tailoring classes (12thNovember, 2017)

Started second batch of tailoring classes. The main objective of the tailoring classes is to help believers with sustainable and self-reliant source of livelihood. Now we have only three girls who are being trained in cutting and sewing.

BHAJANON 24thDecember, 2017

At Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir. This year we had planned to have two days Christmas celebrations so we had planned bhajan on 24th of December and Christmas celebrations on 25th December2017.

CHRISTMAS ON 25thDecember, 2017

At Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir. Around 250 believers had gathered to celebrate Christmas at Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir. Mr. Kishor Kale, a talented person who preached from the word of God concluded with a love feast.

BHAJANON 26thDecember, 2017 AT DABAKPADA

Dabakpada is one of our mission fields where we visit regularly on Friday. Bhagre family had arranged the bhajan and had invited all the believers. Almost 60 people attended and sang bhajan all throughout the night and worshipped the Lord. Evg. KishorWankhade delivered the word of God.


At Jawhar Nagar Marthoma Congregation, Jambulvihir. Rev. Nitin John Chacko was the celebrant and delivered the word of God which was translated by Evg. Kishor Wankhade. We had lunch together and then Achen spent some time with the believer’salongwith the committee members. After the holy Qurbana Rev. Nitin John Chacko and team visited the Garadvadi mission field which made the people more enthusiastic. Achen visited each member’s house, spoke to them and encouraged them to be faithful to the Lord and to the Church.


Rev. A. T. Zachariah, Rev. K.C. Chacko, Rev. Nitin John Chacko along with committee members & solemnized Baptism ceremony for two kids i.e. Christeen Kishor Wankhade and Sonam Sandip Pawar. Also at the same time,10 people were given Mooron Abhishak and became the confirmed members of the Holy Church concluded by lunch.

HOLY QURBANA (11thMarch, 2018)

Rev. Nitin John Chacko celebrated the Holy Qurbana in Marathi and preached the Word of God in Hindi & translated in Marathi.

We acknowledge the dedication and the dynamic leadership given by Rev. A.T. Zachariah & Rev. Nitin John Chacko for the IVDP committee and its activities. We remember with gratitude the invaluable service rendered by Ms. Esther Varghese, Mr. Jose Varghese, Mr. George Thomas &Mr. Varghese Mathew, Executive Committee members and Parish office bearers in general.

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