The past year was a very unique learning experience for all the members. We thank the almighty for keeping each of us safe and guiding us in a wonderful way. 

Rev. Thomas K Jacob served as the President of the choir and Rev. Nitin J. Chacko as the Vice President. Mrs. Aney Thomas as the Lay Vice President, Ms. Mariam Thomas as Choir Master, Mr. Lucas Sumanam as Asst. Choir leader: English, Mr. John George as Asst. Choir leader:  Malayalam, Ms. Swetha Philip as the Treasurer, Mr. Elvis Varghese as the auditor and Mr Joash Varghese as the Secretary of the choir for the year 2020-2021.

Due to the unprecedented pandemic that affected the entire world the past year, most of the events unfortunately had to be cancelled. The choir however took up the challenge to conduct some events virtually, recording their audios and videos at home.

The choir released their first virtual song, “Master the Tempest” on YouTube on 20th September 2020. It has crossed 10k views and was very well received by people from all over the world. The choir thanks Mr Abin Thomas, Mr Lucas Sumanam and Mr Saibu Simon for working on the audio and video production. Choir would also like to thank Mrs Susan James for the choir Logo design and Mr Kevin Mathew for the Logo animation.

The choir participated in a Virtual Choir Christmas Concert organized by Stop Gaps on 20th December 2020. The choir sang 1 special song for this event which was written and composed by our choir member, Mr Rohan Joseph

This year, a virtual Christmas Carol Service was organized and released on YouTube on 23rd December 2020. The theme for the Carol service was “Story of The Jesus Child”. His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan was the chief guest and gave a meaningful Christmas message. 

The Choir presented 5 songs, with the junior choir participating in one of the songs too. The carol singing, led by Ms Mariam Thomas & Mr Lucas Sumanam was well organized and was praiseworthy. This year, it was a new experience for each and every one due to the audio and video recordings that needed to be done at home. All the members were very adaptable and did not let any obstacles get in their way. Help and support were always provided which encouraged everyone to take part in this service.

Mr Abin Thomas, Mr Lucas Sumanam, Mr Benny Koshy, Mr Saibu Simon, Mr Lijin Alex and Mr Alen Thomas were instrumental in combining the audio and video files for all the songs. 

The Choir thanks specially the Church committee and the parish members for all the support rendered.

Joash Varghese

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