Prayer Groups


For where two or three gathers in my name, there am I with them

Matthew 18:20

  • In the earthly ministry of Jesus, prayer was not just a part of his life. Instead, prayer was his life.
  • He prayed to his Father early in the mornings.
  • He prayed throughout the night before selecting his disciples.
  • He prayed before performing many “miracles”.
  • He said many “parables” about “prayer”.

In fact, he won the Cross even before he ever got to the Cross – through prayer, on the eve of his Crucifixion.

  • The very first ‘Word’ from the Cross was a prayer.
  • The very last ‘Word’ from the Cross was also a prayer.

More than anything else, the disciples wanted Jesus to teach them one thing – “Teach us to Pray”. And Jesus did teach them to pray.

By looking at the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus, one can conclude that the very purpose of the existence of the Church (being the “Body of Christ”) is for “prayer” and therefore every Church is a “House of Prayer”.

We, as a Parish, take the role of prayer seriously and organize prayer meetings regularly.

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