Realizing the fact that Education is the right of any child, the JM& SJM Centre has been working to provide basic education for the children to the slums of Sanjay Nagar, Kurar, Malad East. It was a humble beginning in the year 1986.


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PTA Meetings

Five Parent-Teachers' Association (PTA) Meetings are held at our School every year during June, July, September, November, and January. During these meetings, the parents are informed about their child's academic progress and other related matters. Parents are complete liberty and free to ask about their child's studies. This interaction between parents and teachers streamlines the child's future progress and studies evaluation. In the year 2017, meetings were held on the following dates 30th June, 25th July, 21st September, 7th November 2017 and 8th January 2018. During these meeting s parents were informed about their children’s' academic progress and other related matters. Parents were free and given full liberty to ask the details of their children’s studies. This interaction helped the parents and Teachers about streamlining their children's future progress and evaluating their studies.


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