Edavaka Mission


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13-8). The mandate given to the church is to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. The Malankara Marthoma church is committed to this cause. The Edavaka mission is the organ of the church to implement this in local level. Holding the slogan ‘Every Marthomite is an evangelist’ the Edavaka Mission could function one more year in St Thomas Marthoma Church, Santacruz with immense pleasure the Executive Committee of the Edavaka Mission present this annual report for the financial year 2017-18.


Rev. A.T.Zachariah continued as president of Edavaka Mission. Achen has been contributing effective leadership to enable us to grow spiritually and enhance our Christian fellowship among the members.

Rev. Abu Cherian continued as our clergy vice president of Edavaka Mission upto 30-4-2017. This young and talented Achen was a real blessing to our organization as his involvement and leadership helped us to grow spiritually.

 Rev Nitin John Chacko the Assistant Vicar, served as our clergy vice president of Edavaka Mission. This young and talented Achen is a real blessing to our organization and his involvement and leadership helps us to grow spiritually. We praise the Almighty God for the dedicated leadership of our Achen.


Our Edavaka Mission unit has been registered for three years from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2020 with Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelists Association (MTVEA) Thiruvalla, Kerala under the Registration No MD-780817 dated 17th May, 2017


We have 99 members and a separate Edavaka Mission membership register is maintained for this purpose.


The Annual General Body meeting of Edavaka Mission was held on Wednesday 26th April, 2017 at our church. It was presided over by President Rev.A.T.Zachariah and our Asst. Vicar and clergy vice president, Rev. Abu Cherian was present in the meeting. The annual report was presented and approved. The budget for the financial year 2017-18 was presented, approved and adopted. The Rev Abu Cherian, who was on transfer to Borivali Marthoma Parish, was given a farewell. As a token of our appreciation, a small gift also was given to Achen. Office Bearers for the year 2017-18 were elected during the General Body.



Revival fellowship was conducted under the leadership of Edavaka Mission, which was held at our church on every Wednesday. During these meetings the participants prayed for the members of our parish, parish mission fields, believers, parish organizations, people suffering from various illness, senior members, St. Thomas School- Kurar, Jawhar Mission field, Our Sabha, Our Diocese and for the spiritual awakening of our members. Our Achens provided able leadership during the meetings. Some of our Edavaka Mission members gave messages during these prayer meetings. Mr. Rejoy Varghese who was with us for practical training from 11-4-17 to 10-5-17 also gave messages and leadership for these Revival Meetings.


Our Parish Edavaka Mission Sunday was observed on 17th Dec, 2017. Edavaka Mission members assisted in the worship service. Mr. Abraham C. George and Mr. C M Samuel shared the Word of God in the English Service and Malayalam Service respectively.


The Edavaka Mission members actively participated in the quarterly Ecumenical Meetings held at various churches.


Lent prayer meetings were arranged this year from Sunday 18th February, 2018 to Saturday 24th March, 2018. The prayer meetings were held every day. Both Achens gave necessary leadership for these meetings. The Word of God was shared by lay people. It was decided by the parish general body that an amount of Rs. 1 lakh will be given for the Anganvadi at Mayabunder, which is a project initiated by the Santacruz Edavaka Mission.


Edavaka Mission joined with area prayer meetings for its quarterly    fellowship. This year four such meetings were held at the residences of Mr. C.E. Varghese, Andheri, Mr. Saibu Simon, Andheri B, Mr. Thomas Puliyel, Bandra west and Mr. C Mathew, Marol.


To support and to encourage the Diocesan Mission activities, Edavaka Mission actively involved in collecting the Suvishesha Nidhi Collection. A sum of Rs 1, 88,500/- was collected and deposited with our Diocesan office, Vashi.


Edavaka Mission members participated in the Onam celebrations at our Church. Edavaka Mission was also involved and participated in the parish Christmas Carol Service held in December.


The MTVEA Sunday was observed on Sunday, on 1st October, 2017. Edavaka Mission members took active part in the worship service. Mr. C M Samuel from our parish was deputed to St. Stephens Mar Thoma Church, Marol and shared the Word of God during the worship service there. Mr. Shanju George Alex from St. Thomas MTC, Vasai and Mr. Sunny John from Bethal MTC, Malad parish shared the Word of God in English and Malayalam Worship Service respectively at our church.

  • Our Edavaka Mission contributed Rs. 2000/- as our share.
  • Edavaka Mission members actively participated in the Annual Diocesan Convention held at various centres from 25th Jan, 2018 to 28th Jan, 2018. Diocesan Sevikasangam meeting was held in our church on 21/01/2018. Rev C.V. Simon was the main speaker.
  • Holy Qurban and Convention concluding meeting at CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Vashi held on 28/01/18. Our Diocesan Epicopa Rev. Gheevarghese Mar Theodosius Epicopa conducted the Holy Qurbana and Rev. Feno M. Thomas was the main speaker at the final convention


A Statement of Audited accounts for the financial year 31st March,2018 is appended to this report. We specially thank our Auditor Mr. T.M. Mammen for taking time to do the Auditing work on time.


Therefore, my brethren, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do this things, you will never fall, and you will receive rich welcome in to the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2Peter 1:10-12). Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes out, for the whole – hearted support and co-operation extended to us, by our Achens, office bearers, Kaisthana samithi member, various organization committee members, all parish members and well – wishers. The motivation and energy behind everything that we could achieve during the year is from all our members and as we come to the end of another year, Let us thank God for all His Blessings in the past and let us seek his guidance to continue our union as a true Christian community in the years ahead.

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